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Dive Cruises in Thailand with Pawara

PHUKET DIVE CRUISE WITH PAWARA, a 35 meter long motor diving cruise boat that sails around the diving spots of the Similan Islands, Koh Bon Island, Tachai Island and the Richelieu Rock pinnacle. This yacht built in Phuket – Thailand is equipped with stabilizers and the keel has recently been improved in 2019 to ensure better comfort and safety in navigation. The dining areas are two and the chefs will prepare a wide range of dishes and will be able to satisfy the needs of special diets. La Pawara has a cozy lounge with traditional Thai decoration, Wi-Fi (only near the Thai coast), flat screen TV, DVD player, stereo, karaoke and games.

MV Pawara has eleven cabins all with air conditioning and private bathroom with hot shower (except budget cabin), 2 double Master cabins on the main deck, 4 Deluxe cabins with bunk beds also on the main deck, 4 Standard double / twin cabins on the lower deck and a budget with 2 single beds and shared bathroom. The boat offers a spacious deck where you can sunbathe and enjoy the extraordinary panorama of the Andaman Sea. The diving deck was designed to allow divers to move around easily and FREE Nitrox for divers with Nitrox license.

Schedule & Itinerary

Pawara Schedule

16 Oct-20 Nov 245D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
21 Oct-25 Oct 245D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
26 Oct-30 Oct 245D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
1 Nov-05 Nov 245D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
06 Nov-10 Nov 245D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
11 Nov-15 Nov 245D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
16 Nov-20 Nov 245D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
21 Nov-25 Nov 245D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
26 Nov-30 Nov 245D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
01 Dec-05 Dec 245D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
06 Dec-10 Dec 245D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
11 Dec-15 Dec 245D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
16 Dec-20 Dec 245D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
21 Dec-25 Dec 245D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
25 Dec-29 Dec 245D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
29 Dec-2 Dec 245D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
03 Jan-07 Jan 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
08 Jan-12 Jan 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
12 Jan-16 Jan 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
17 Jan-21 Jan 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
21 Jan-25 Jan 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
25 Jan-29 Jan 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
29 Jan-2 feb 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
03 Feb-07 Feb 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
08 Feb-12 feb 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
12 Feb-16 Feb 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
17 Feb-21 Feb 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
22 Feb-26 Feb 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
27 Feb-3 Mar 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
04 Mar-08 Mar 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
08 Mar-12 Mar 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
13 Mar-17 Mar 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
18 Mar-22 Mar 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
23 Mar-27 Mar 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
27 Mar-31 Mar 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
01 Apr-05 Apr 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
06 Apr-10 Apr 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
11 Apr-15 Apr 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
16 Apr-20 Apr 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
21 Apr-25 Apr 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
26 Apr-30 Apr 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
01 May-05 May 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
06 May-10 May 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
11 May-15 May 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
16 Oct-20 Oct 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
21 Oct-25 Oct 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
26 Oct-30 Oct 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
01 Nov-5 Nov 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
06 Nov-10 Nov 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
11 Nov-15 Nov 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
16 Nov-20 Nov 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
21 Nov-25 Nov 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
26 Nov-30 Nov 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
1 Dec-05 Dec 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
06 Dec-10 Dec 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
11 Dec-15 Dec 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
16 Dec-20 Dec 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
21 Dec-25 Dec 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
25 Dec-29 Dec 255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
30 Dec-04 Jan 265D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
04 Jan-08 Jan 265D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
09 Jan-13 Jan 265D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
14 Jan-18 Jan 265D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
19 Jan-23 Jan 265D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
24 Jan-28 Jan 265D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
29 Jan-2 Feb 265D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
03 Feb-07 Feb 265D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
08 Feb-12 Feb 265D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
13 Feb-17 Feb 265D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
18 Feb-22 Feb 265D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
23 Feb-27 Feb 265D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
27 Feb-03 Mar 265D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
04 Mar-08 Mar 265D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
08 Mar-12 Mar 265D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
13 Mar-17 Mar 265D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
18 Mar-22 Mar 265D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
23 Mar-27 Mar 265D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
27 Mar-31 Mar 265D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
01 Apr-05 Apr 265D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
06 Apr-10 Apr 265D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
11 Apr-15 Apr 265D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
16 Apr-20 Apr 265D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
21 Apr-25 Apr 265D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
26 Apr-30 Apr 265D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
01 May-05 May 265D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
06 May-10 Apr 265D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
11 May-15 May 265D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu

Sample Itinerary – Pawara

  • 17:00 Pick up time from all areas on the departure date.
  • 19:30 Arrive at Tablamu Pier (Phang-Nga Province)
  • Cabin Allocation, Staff Introduction, Boat Briefing. Dinner is served on board.
  • 20:30 Welcome dinner onboard – underway to Similan Island.
  • Dive Safety Briefing & Rules
  •  Diving at Similan Island-3 Day dives + 1 Sunset dive.
  • Diving at Similan Island/Koh Bon -3 Day dives + 1 Night dive
  •  Diving at Koh Tachai, Richelieu Rock-3 Day dives + 1 Night dive
  • Diving at Koh Bon or Boon Soong Wreck -2 Day dives.
  • Underway to Tablamu Pier, transfer by mini bus back to Phuket approx.: 16:00.

Cabins & Prices – Pawara

The M/V PAWARA has a total of 13 cabins which can comfortably accommodate 26 guests. 2 Master cabins – Twin share, can be set up as 1 queen size bed or 2 separate beds, en-suite bathroom, located on the main deck with sea view. 4 Deluxe cabins – Twin share with twin bunk beds, en-suite bathroom, located on the main deck with sea view.
4 standard cabins – Twin share, can be set up as 1 queen size bed or 2 separate beds, en-suite bathroom, located on the lower deck. 3 Budget cabins – Twin share with twin bunk beds. 2 cabins located on the lower deck with en-suite bathroom 1 cabin located on the upper deck, share bathroom.

Master Cabin

37,700 ฿Per Person
  • Main Deck – 2 Cabins
  • Queen Size Bed/Double – Private Bathroom – Hot Shower – Air Con – Panoramic Windows
  • 5 Days / 4 Nights – 14 Dives
  • Pawara Thailand Liveaboard Master Cabin 1

Deluxe Cabin

34,700 ฿Per Person
  • Main Deck – 4 Cabins
  • Bunk Bed – Private Bathroom – Hot Shower – Air Conditioning – Panoramic Window
  • 5 Days / 4 Nights – 14 Dives
  • Pawara Thailand Liveaboard Deluxe Cabin 1

Standard Cabin

32,700 ฿Per Person
  • Lower Deck – 4 Cabins
  • Double OR Twin Bed – Private Ensuite Bathroom – Hot Shower – Air Conditioning
  • 5 Days / 4 Nights – 14 Dives
  • Pawara Thailand Liveaboard Standard Cabin 1
  • Pawara Thailand Liveaboard Standard Cabin 2

Budget Cabin

26,700 ฿Per Person
  • Lower Deck 2 Cabins – Upper Deck 1 Cabin
  • Bunk Bed – Sharing Bathroom – Hot Shower – Air Conditioning
  • 5 Days / 4 Nights – 14 Dives
  • Pawara Thailand Liveaboard Budget Cabin 1

Included in the price

  • Transfer Phuket Hotel / Pawara / Phuket Hotel

  • Accommodation in a private or shared cabin

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner on board
  • Water, tea and coffee.

  • Towels and hot drinks after each dive

  • 14 Dives

  • Scuba cylinders, weights and belt

  • Nitrox FREE (28%) for certified divers

  • English Speaking Dive Guide – Ratio 4:1
    (Private guide available on request – surcharge applied)

Not included in the price

  • Diving Accident Insurance (compulsory)

  • Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages

  • Marine Park Fees (2,300THB / diver cash on board)

  • Rental diving equipment (600 THB / day)
  • Dive Torch Rental

  • Dive Computer Rental

Boat Features & Layout

  • Length: 35 m – Width: 7 m

  • 4 Decks

  • Max 26 Guests

  • Cruising speed 10 knots

  • Large indoor lounge, spacious outdoor living area, sun deck, huge dive deck

  • Thai & International cuisine

  • 2x Master Cabins

  • 4x Deluxe Cabins

  • 4x  Standard Cabins

  • 3x Budget Cabins

  • FREE Nitrox available on board (28%)
  • 1x RIB tender (4 m)

Pawara Video