Deep Andaman Queen Liveaboard Thailand

Deep Andaman Queen Thailand Liveaboard
Deep Andaman Queen Thailand Liveaboard Similan Islands
Deep Andaman Queen Thailand Liveaboard Surin Islands
Deep Andaman Queen Phuket Thailand Liveaboard
Deep Andaman Queen Thailand SUUBA Diving Liveaboard
Deep Andaman Queen Thailand Liveaboard Richelieu Rock

Dive Cruises in Thailand with Deep Andaman Queen

Deep Andaman Queen is an incredible liveaboard cruise boat that offers guests the chance to explore some of Thailand’s most beautiful dive sites along the west coast. The Surin and Similan Islands, Richelieu Rock, and the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar are all incredible destinations that are sure to offer guests an unforgettable diving experience.

It’s great to hear that the cooks on board are renowned in Phuket Island and have great experience in creating delicious traditional Thai and international dishes for guests. The comfortable saloon with panoramic windows, entertainment center, and selection of marine biology books and diving magazines sounds like the perfect place to relax and unwind after a day of diving.

The fact that Deep Andaman Queen can accommodate a maximum of 25 guests in 11 cabins is great, as it allows for a more intimate and personalized experience. The top deck, with its sun loungers and sofas, sounds like the perfect place to soak up the sun and take in the stunning views. The diving platform also sounds impressive, with its size and division into two levels making it easy for all divers to enter and exit the water.

Deep Andaman Queen is an excellent choice for those looking for a liveaboard cruise boat that offers both comfort and adventure.

Schedule & Itinerary

Deep Andaman Queen Schedule

13 Oct-17 Oct 20245D/4N Southern/LipePhuket/Phuket
18 Oct-22 Oct 20245D/4N Southern/LipePhuket/Phuket
23 Oct-27 Oct 20245D/4N Southern/LipePhuket/Phuket
28 Oct-06 Nov 202410D/9N South/NorthSouth/Taplamu
28 Oct-02 Nov 20246D/5N Southern/LipePhuket/Phuket
02 Nov-05 Nov 20245D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
07 Nov-11 Nov 20245D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
12 Nov-16 Nov 20245D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
17 Nov-21 Nov 20245D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
22 Nov-26 Nov 20245D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
27 Nov-01 Dec 20245D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
02 Dec-06 Dec 20245D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
07 Dec-11 Dec 20245D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
12 Dec-16 Dec 20245D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
17 Dec-21 Dec 20245D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
22 Dec-27 Dec 20246D/5N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
28 Dec-02 Jan 20256D/5N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
03 Jan-07 Jan 20255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
08 Jan-12 Jan 20255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
13 Jan-17 Jan 20255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
18 Jan-22 Jan 20255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
23 Jan-27 Jan 20255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
28 Jan-06 Feb 202510D/9D North/SouthTaplamu/Phuket
28 Jan-01 Feb 20255D/4N SimilanTaplamu/Phuket
01 Feb-6 Feb 20256D/5N Southern/LipePhuket/Phuket
07 Feb-16 Feb 202510D/9D North/SouthPhuket/Taplamu
07 Feb-12 Feb 20256D/5N Southern/LipePhuket/Phuket
12 Feb-16 Feb 20255D/4N SimilanPhuket/Taplamu
17 Feb-21 Feb 20255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
22 Feb-26 Feb 20255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
27 Feb-03 mar 20255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
04 Mar-08 Mar 20255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
09 Mar-13 Mar 20255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
14 Mar-23 Mar 202510D/9D North/SouthTaplamu/Phuket
14 Mar-18 Mar 20255D/4N SimilanTaplamu/Phuket
18 Mar-23 Mar 20256D/5N Southern/LipePhuket/Phuket
24 Mar-02 Apr 202510D/9N South/NorthPhuket/Taplamu
24 Mar-29 Mar 20256D/5N Southern/LipePhuket/Phuket
29 Mar-02 Apr 20255D/4N SimilanPhuket/Taplamu
03 Apr-07 Apr 20255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
08 Apr-12 Apr 20255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
13 Apr-17 Apr 20255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
18 Apr-22 Apr 20255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
23 Apr-27 Apr 20255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
28 Apr-02 May 20255D/4N SimilanTablamu/Tablamu
03 May-12 May 202510D/9N North/SouthTaplamu /Phuket
03 May-07 May 20235D/4N SimilanTaplamu/Phuket
07 May-12 May 20256D/5N Southern/LipePhuket/Phuket
13 May-17 May 20255D/4N Southern/LipePhuket/Phuket

Sample Itinerary – DAQ

  • 15:00-18:30 hrs: Pick up at your hotel or Phuket airport and transfer to Thap Lamu Pier in Khaolak.
  • Welcome Drinks, Cabin Allocation, Staff Introduction, Boat Briefing. Dinner is served on board.
  • 20:00-22:00 Cruise towards Similan Islands
  • Dive Safety Brifing & Rules
  • 3 day dives around the Similan Islands best dive sites.
  • Land excursion to Koh Miang (Similan island #4) for a jungle walk, sun bathing, beach time etc.
  • Night dive
  • 2 dives around the Similan
  • Land excursion to Koh Similan (Similan island #8). Donal d Duck Bay, hike to Sail Rock viewpoint, swim, snorkeling, beach etc.
  • 2 dives around Koh Bon and Koh Tachai (West Ridge and Tachai Pinnacle dive sites).
  • 1 early morning dive around Koh Tachai.
  • 3 dives at Richelieu Rock, one of the world’s top 10 dive sites!
  • 1 dive at Koh Bon
  • 1 Dive at Boonsung Wreck.
  • 15:30 hrs return to Thap Lamu Pier. Transfer back to your hotel in Khao Lak or Phuket.

Cabins & Prices – Deep Andaman Queen

MV Deep Andaman Queen has a total of eleven cabins all with private bathroom and air conditioning. 2 Master cabins with double bed, 3 Deluxe double cabins, 2 Deluxe twin cabins, 2 Standard twin, 1 Standard triple and 1 Standard quadruple.

Master Cabin

52,000 ฿Per Person
  • Main Deck – 2 Cabins
  • King Size Bed – Private Bathroom – Hot Shower – Air Con – Panoramic Windows
  • 5 Days / 4 Nights – 14 Dives
  • Deep Andaman Queen Liveaboard Master Cabin

Deluxe Cabin

44,500 ฿Per Person
  • Main Deck – 5 Cabins
  • Double OR Bunk Bed – Private Bathroom – Hot Shower – Air Conditioning
  • 5 Days / 4 Nights – 14 Dives
  • Deep Andaman Queen Liveaboard Deluxe Double Cabin
  • Deep Andaman Queen Liveaboard - Deluxe Twin Cabin

Standard Cabin

40,000 ฿Per Person
  • Lower Deck – 2 Cabins
  • Twin Bunk Beds – Private Ensuite Bathroom – Hot Shower – Air Conditioning
  • 5 Days / 4 Nights – 14 Dives
  • Deep Andaman Queen Liveaboard Standard Twin 1
  • Deep Andaman Queen Liveaboard Standard Twin 2

Triple Cabin

36,000 ฿Per Person
  • Lower Deck – 1 Cabin
  • Bunk Bed – Private Ensuite Bathroom – Hot Shower – Air Conditioning
  • 5 Days / 4 Nights – 14 Dives
  • Deep Andaman Queen Liveaboard Triple Cabin

Quadruple Cabin

33,500 ฿Per Person
  • Lower Deck – 1 Cabin
  • Bunk Beds – Private Ensuite Bathroom – Hot Shower – Air Conditioning
  • 5 Days / 4 Nights – 14 Dives
  • Deep Andaman Queen Liveaboard Quad Cabin

Included in the price

  • Transfer Phuket Hotel / Deep Andaman Queen / Phuket Hotel

  • Accommodation in a private or shared cabin

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner on board
  • Water, tea, coffee, snacks, soft drinks

  • Towels and hot drinks after each dive

  • 14 Dives

  • Scuba cylinders, weights and belt

  • English Speaking Dive Guide – Ratio 4:1
    (Private guide available on request – surcharge applied)

Not included in the price

  • Diving Accident Insurance (compulsory)

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Marine Park Fees (2,500 THB / diver cash on board)

  • Nitrox (available at extra cost on board)

  • Rental diving equipment (600 THB / day)
  • Dive Torch Rental

  • Dive Computer Rental

Boat Features & Layout

  • Length: 31 m – Width: 7 m
  • 4 Decks

  • Max 25 Guests

  • Cruising speed 10 knots
  • Large indoor lounge, spacious outdoor living area, sun deck, huge dive deck
  • Thai & International cuisine

  • 2x Master Cabins – 13-15 sqm
  • 5x Deluxe Cabins (3x double – 2x twin) – 6 sqm

  • 2x Twin Standard Cabins (lower deck)
  • 1x Triple Cabin (lower deck)

  • 1x Quadruple Cabin (lower deck)
  • Nitrox available on board (max 32%)
  • 2x RIB tenders (4 m)