The meeting with the sea eagle ray is always exciting, its elegance in swimming and its colors always arouse amazement in divers from all over the world. Here we are on Racha Noi Island south of Phuket Island in Thailand.
We are at a depth of about 10 meters while we are taking a PADI Open Water Diver course. Think of the happiness of the students to see such a sea creature in such shallow water!

While we were admiring a formation of hard coral from the deeper waters we see a silhouette of a fish coming towards us against the current, the visibility was fantastic and we were immediately able to understand that it was a young eagle ray!
It gets closer and closer to us until it passes close to our masks, we look at it in admiration and then we begin to follow it at a safe distance so as not to scare it.

The current is strong enough and to follow it we make a little effort, while our marine friend swims without any apparent effort.

We can see the gills moving to allow breathing and the mouth appearing to “taste” something in the water. We follow it for several seconds until it moves away towards the coast.

After this sighting we look at each other and we can see the happiness and the smiles that grow in our faces. The sea once again demonstrated its beauty and the possible interaction between man and its inhabitants.

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