The Scubapro MK25 EVO D420 Regulator Set combines the iconic D Series second stage with the epic MK25 EVO first stage to meet the desires of today’s avid divers.

MK25 Evo First Stage:

  • Air balanced flow through piston first stage.
  • Double chrome plated brass body.
  • Cold water XTIS (external thermal insulating system)
  • Improved cold water performance by 30% in water down to 2°C.
  • Two high pressure ports.
  • Four high flow low pressure ports mounted on a swivel turret.
  • One axial super high flow low pressure port.

D420 Second Stage:

  • New Uniquely shaped fiberglass-reinforced nylon casing
  • New Air-Balanced Progressive Flow Control Valve
  • New large top pivoted purge cover
  • New Compact exhaust tee
  • New top mounted dive/pre dive switch
  • Reversible hose configuration options