Tiger Lily Private RIB in Thailand

The Twin Engines Mercury Verado on Tiger Lily sound like they can really pack a punch, making for an exciting and adventurous way to discover the Andaman Sea around Phuket. It’s great to hear that the yacht is brand new and a Prince 38, which means it likely has a sleek and modern design.

With so many beaches to choose from in Phuket, there’s sure to be something for everyone. It’s great to hear that there’s a lot of variety available, from secluded coves to lively shores. This means that guests on Tiger Lily can choose the type of beach experience they want, whether it’s a quiet and private escape or a lively day out in the sun.

Tiger Lily is an ideal RIB for exploring the Andaman Sea and the beautiful beaches of Phuket. The powerful engines will make for an exciting ride, and the variety of beaches available means that guests can customize their experience to their liking.

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Tiger Lily is an incredible adventure boat that is supremely-equipped for high-speed, ultra-comfortable on-the-water adventures. With its spacious cabin layout, expanded interior and seating options, and multitude of entertainment and passenger comforts, it’s clear that this yacht was designed with guest comfort in mind.

One of the standout features of the Prince 38 Sport Cabin is its ability to provide boating pleasure even in unfavorable weather conditions. This is thanks to its precision handling, stability, and speed, which are signature features of all Nuova jolly Boats. Guests can feel safe and comfortable on board while still experiencing the thrill of high-speed adventures.

The low fuel consumption of the Prince 38 Sport Cabin is also a great feature, as it allows for longer trips and more time spent on the water without having to refuel. Overall, it sounds like Tiger Lily is an excellent choice for those looking for a high-performance adventure boat that doesn’t compromise on comfort or safety.

Phuket private motor yacht charter
Phuket private motor yacht charter


Tiger Lily is based in Phuket, Thailand. Sail along the Andaman Sea. Trips are tailored to guests’ preferred itineraries.


RIB Tiger Lily Phuket private charter speeding through the crystal clear waters
RIB Tiger Lily showcasing its speed and agility in Phuket's bay
Tiger Lily private charter exploring Phuket's stunning coastline
Tiger Lily's sleek design and powerful engine on display in Phuket
The fast and adventurous Tiger Lily RIB cruising in Phuket's waters
Tiger Lily RIB anchored in a secluded cove in Phuket
Enjoying the sunset aboard the Tiger Lily RIB in Phuket
Tiger Lily RIB's comfortable seating and state-of-the-art equipment in Phuket
Tiger Lily RIB's professional and experienced crew in Phuket
Tiger Lily RIB's adventurous spirit and excitement in Phuket
Tiger Lily RIB's high-speed navigation system and safety features in Phuket
Experience the thrill and excitement of a private charter on the Tiger Lily RIB in Phuket