MY Maha Bhetra Private Yacht Thailand

Maha Bhetra is an impressive yacht with a rich history and a unique design. The fact that it was designed by Ed Tuttle, who is renowned for his work with Aman resorts, only adds to its appeal.

The traditional Thai-crafted wooden hull is also a notable feature, which adds to its charm and authenticity. With three palatial double cabins and a spacious open-plan teak-laden saloon on the top deck, Maha Bhetra is sure to provide its guests with a luxurious and comfortable experience. Its sturdy construction also makes it suitable for navigating the Andaman, allowing guests to explore this beautiful region in style and comfort.

It’s exciting to know that this yacht is available for day and overnight charters, providing an opportunity for people to experience the beauty and luxury of Maha Bhetra for themselves.

Private yacht for scuba diving
Private yacht for scuba diving


The interior design of Maha Bhetra is a perfect blend of modernity and tradition. The use of a neutral color palette creates a calming and serene atmosphere, while the Southeast Asian antiques from the 18th century add character and history to the space.

It’s interesting to note how seamlessly the ancient and modern interact in the yacht’s design. The bespoke designed louvered cabinet is a clever addition that hides the sound systems and glassware, keeping the space clutter-free and stylish.

The tiger-patterned rugs in the staterooms also add a touch of exoticism and bring a sense of adventure to the space. Overall, the design of Maha Bhetra sounds both luxurious and authentic, providing a unique and unforgettable experience for its guests.

3 identical cabins of 20 sqm

• Full Air conditioned
• Compartmentalized WC
(135 cm x 110 cm)
• Compartmentalized Shower
(135 cm x 110 cm)
• Basin with vanity
• 2 individual wardrobes
incorporated within dressing area
• 2 beds (140 cm x 200 cm)

Phuket private motor yacht charter
Phuket private motor yacht charter
Phuket private motor yacht charter


Maha Bhetra is based in Phuket, Thailand. Sail along the Andaman Sea. Trips are tailored to guests’ preferred itineraries.


MY Maha Bhetra Racha Yai private charter sailing in crystal clear waters
Luxury yacht Maha Bhetra in Racha Yai's beautiful bay
Maha Bhetra private charter exploring the stunning coastline of Racha Yai
Racha Yai's Maha Bhetra yacht showcasing its spacious deck
The elegant Maha Bhetra yacht cruising off the coast of Racha Yai
Maha Bhetra yacht anchored in a secluded cove in Racha Yai
Enjoying the sunset aboard the Maha Bhetra yacht in Racha Yai
Maha Bhetra yacht's sleek design and stunning view in Racha Yai
Maha Bhetra yacht's state-of-the-art navigation system in Racha Yai
Maha Bhetra Charter Yacth Thailand 10
Maha Bhetra yacht's professional and friendly crew in Racha Yai
Experience the ultimate luxury vacation aboard the Maha Bhetra yacht in Racha Yai