Elephant Head Rock

Elephant Head Rock – Dive Site Info
Rating by Luna Diving: ★★★★★
Location: Similan Islands
Type: hard coral reef + boulders
Depth: 0-40+ m
Visibility: 20-40+ m
Difficulty: advanced
Current: moderate / very strong
Cruise: 6D/7N – high season (15th Oct – 15th May)

Elephant Head Rock, a captivating and must-visit dive site among the Similan Islands, stands out as one of the most unique and remarkable locations for underwater exploration. This site is essentially a cluster of colossal granite boulders rising dramatically from the open sea southwest of Island #8, extending from depths of over 40 meters to the water’s surface. The name Elephant Head Rock originates from a section of the site that emerges from the water, resembling an elephant’s head when viewed from a certain angle.

Divers are treated to a magnificent playground of nature, crafted by the hands of Mother Nature herself. The imposing boulders form an elaborate network of swim-throughs, channels, canyons, and passages, creating an enthralling and adventurous experience for divers. While the dive site is teeming with an impressive array of marine life, including large and captivating creatures, the true highlight undoubtedly remains the sheer majesty of the boulders.

Elephant Head Rock boasts a diverse and captivating marine ecosystem, featuring a plethora of fascinating species seldom seen at other dive sites. Colorful Ribbon Eels often grace the sandy patches between the boulders, while schools of impressive Giant Trevallies gracefully navigate through the underwater maze in pursuit of prey. The presence of a substantial resident Great Barracuda hovering near the shallower areas adds to the allure of the site. Additionally, fortunate divers might catch a glimpse of various shark species, including White Tip, Black Tip, and Grey Reef Sharks, particularly around the deeper ends of the dive site.

However, divers must exercise caution when exploring Elephant Head Rock, as the dive site is frequently affected by strong currents. These currents can create unpredictable patterns, including up currents, down currents, and occasional whirlpools, necessitating close adherence to the dive guide’s instructions to ensure a safe and enjoyable diving experience. Due to these challenging conditions, Elephant Head Rock is recommended for experienced divers only, who can fully appreciate the breathtaking beauty and exhilarating underwater adventure it offers.