Deep Six


Deep Six – Dive Site Info
Rating by Luna Diving: ★★★★★
Location: Similan Islands
Type: boulders
Depth: 5-40 m Visibility: 20-40+ m
Difficulty: intermediate / advanced
Current: moderate / strong
Cruise: 6D/7N – High Season (15th Oct – 15th May)

Deep Six, situated at the northern tip of Similan Islands #7, is a captivating dive site with a unique backstory behind its name. Originally, the islands were numbered differently, leading to a historical shift that eventually resulted in the site being named Deep Six. This change in numbering and the island’s designation is an intriguing aspect of the area’s history.

The dive site itself features a pinnacle just a few meters off the island’s northern tip, with a section breaking the surface. The pinnacle’s base at the northern end begins at 30 meters, gradually sloping down from 12 meters at the southern end. The central part of the site showcases a massive boulder surrounded by other sizable boulders, creating several mesmerizing swim-throughs. The channels formed by the boulders serve as habitats for various corals, including the striking Green Tree Coral, as well as an array of marine critters such as Moray Eels, Lionfish, and Scorpionfish.

Divers at Deep Six have the opportunity to witness the impressive presence of White-Tip Reef Sharks, Trevallies, and Tuna, as these boulders attract a plethora of schooling fish and serve as hunting grounds for these predatory species. The direction of the dive is often influenced by the current, leading divers towards the south-west to encounter a sloping hard coral reef that transitions into more boulders, eventually leading to the West of Eden dive site. Alternatively, heading south-east reveals a terraced stag horn coral reef that gives way to a sandy bay, providing a diverse and enthralling underwater experience.

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