Breakfast Bend

Breakfast Bend – Dive Site Info
Rating by Luna Diving: ★★★★☆
Location: Similan Islands
Type: hard & soft coral reef
Depth: 8-20+ m
Visibility: 20-40+ m
Difficulty: beginner / intermediate
Current: none / strong
Cruise: 6D/7N – High Season (15th Oct – 15th May)

Breakfast Bend, also known as Three Trees, spans the entirety of the eastern side of Similan Island No. 9 (Koh Bangu), boasting a rich history and diverse underwater landscape. The name Breakfast Bend originated from the early days of Similan Islands diving, where divers frequently explored the site during breakfast time. Additionally, the presence of three distinctive trees in the jungle along the island’s cliff serves as a prominent landmark, leading to the alternative nickname for this captivating dive site.

The reef at Breakfast Bend comprises a sandy slope beginning at around 8 meters in depth and descending to over 20 meters, adorned with rocky outcrops and vibrant coral bommies. Divers are treated to a spectacular and thriving ecosystem, characterized by large patches of Staghorn coral intermixed with colorful soft corals in shades of blue, yellow, pink, and purple. The northern side of the reef is distinguished by a breathtaking and unique whip coral garden, creating an otherworldly ambiance that captivates divers as if they were exploring an alien planet.

The abundance of marine life at Breakfast Bend is truly remarkable, with an array of reef fish populating the area. During sunset dives, the reef comes alive with the spectacle of trevallies actively hunting their prey. Stingrays and garden eels can be spotted gracefully navigating the sandy ocean floor, adding to the allure of the dive experience. A major highlight of the dive is the potential sighting of an immense school of Forster’s Barracudas, creating a mesmerizing underwater tornado effect, leaving divers in awe of nature’s grandeur.

Breakfast Bend is also home to several resident Napoleon Wrasses, while Leopard Sharks and White Tip Reef Sharks occasionally make appearances, providing divers with an opportunity to witness these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. With its rich history, diverse marine life, and captivating underwater topography, Breakfast Bend promises an unforgettable and immersive diving adventure in the Similan Islands.